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The eleventh meeting of the Indiana Chapter of the DINFOS Alumni Association convened at 8:30 on September 18, 1999 at The Garrison at the Ft. Harrison State Park.


The President, Dr. Jack Rubak, opened the meeting by welcoming all present. and asked each person to introduce himself\herself. A list of attendees is enclosed.


Dr. Rubak then mentioned letters he had received from Colonels Kris Wells, Richard

Hahn and Larry Icenogle. He also mentioned letters Colonel Ed McDonald and Robert

Bentley, Dick Cassin and Donna Frakes who said they were sorry they couldn’t attend

this meeting but wished to extend their greetings to everyone.


Although Colonel Icenogle was unable to send us an update on DINFOS at Ft. Meade in time for the meeting, he did send the following information to be included in these minutes:


“- At the annual Directors’ Conference, our plans to spend the $1OM for Technology Enhanced Instruction over the next six years was approved. The plans calls for outsourcing teams of instructional technologists, graphics artists and subject matter experts--supervised by our Course Developers in Brenda Barnette’s Directorate of Instructional Support -- to work in concert with our Training Directorate SME’s in developing those programs, teaching aids, CD-ROMS. et al, necessary to enhance our remediation, Distance Learning(DL), and Reserve Component (RC) support efforts.


- The PAOC-RC DL Pilot that I briefed about during my visit to Indianapolis in October

1998 will be viewed by the Services later this month, and will be put on the Internet

next month for the students in the January 2000 PAOC-RC iteration.


- On the 2)QDR cuts, we took 14 military cuts for FY2000, mostly by turning in staff support billets (to include 7 IRM cuts--contractors have already been hired to replace them), leaving us with 44 additional cuts between now and 2003. The formula preserve military instructors and course developers; cut admin, IRM, logistics and virtually all “NCOIC” billets, then replace if/as necessary with contract civilians. Using contractors gives us greater hiring latitude, saves us DoD civilian personnel costs, and lets DINFOS “shape the battlefield.”


- DINFOS will be conducting some training via Video Teleconference beginning this FY in support of our RC customers.


- We have an action working through AFIS to acquire 17 RC individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) instructor positions. The good news is, those numbers wouldn’t count against our QDR-Mandated numbers. The bad news is, the funding and some other issues remain to be worked out, but since 22% of our student body is RC, we feel the RC force structure should contribute to the instructor base. More on this situation will be given as it develops.


- Mobile Training Teams are more successful and in more demand than ever, and we’ll keep that going as long as we can.

- We’ve just incorporated Web-page and internet instruction into the PAOC, BJC, EC and JPAOC-- done via TTSB, with full Service concurrence and guidance.


- An accreditation team from ACE will visit the school the first week of November to finalize the school’s course credit regime. We’ve been prohibited from issuing transcripts listing ACE accreditation for the past five months, but that’ll be lifted upon the completion of the ACE team’s visit.


- John Cooper, a Course Developer in DIS, who went to SHAPE HQ and to Kosovo for 60 days this past summer in support of fellow DINFOSian, Chuck Ricks, and the SHAPE-PIO staff, has taken a new position and promotion. He will be the senior DoD civilians Plans Officer at OASD-PA at the Pentagon. He’s done a great job for DINFOS the past four years and will be missed.


- Bruce Ashley, longtime Manager Director who came from DVISCH at Lowry AFB, has retired after 43 years of Federal service and has been replaced by a fellow former DVISCH leader, James G. Morehouse. Jim’s been at AFIS HQ for the past six years and has “made good his escape!.” He’s come in and made an immediate impact on the organization.


- I’m still “blurring the lines” between the VI and PA communities, having just sent two life-long Air Force VI technicians to handle an Army-Europe PA tasking. They did as well as we knew they would, and the Army folks from Heidelberg have already asked for them to return next year. What we’re doing, as we draw down the size of our military faculty instructors, is identifying those “skill sets” which can be mastered and taught across the PA and VI disciplines so that our instructors’ days are similar to those of a middle school teacher in that on any given day, an instructor who used to be purely a Basic Still Photography instructor would teach modules in BSP, IPC, BJC, Electronic Imaging, and the like. We’ll keep you posted on that program’s progress.”



All present were asked to sign a get well card for Colonel Icenogle wishing him a complete recovery from his recent heart attack.


Mr. Tom Conrad then introduced the guest speaker, retired Army Colonel Bill Sweeney, who is now the Executive Director of the Indiana World War Memorial.


Colonel Sweeney gave an excellent presentation on the various war memorials that have been established and dedicated in downtown Indianapolis as well as the extensive renovations that have been done on the Soldiers and Sailors Monument and are currently being completed on the World War Memorial. The grand opening of the renovated Soldiers and Sailors Monument will be held on October 8, and everyone is invited to attend. He had brought with him a variety of descriptive brochures.


Dr. Rubak then presented him with a clock and pen as a token of appreciation. Next Dr. Rubak gave an overview of the 35th anniversary:


- He described how the Adams Mark was beautifully decorated by Dolys Gelke and her committee.

- Mover and Shaker plaques were awarded to Colonel Christy and Colonel Grubb, and a plaque was presented to Ms. Stritt in appreciation for all of her work the past 10 years as Secretary of the Alumni Association.

-  Certificates of Appreciation were given to Marsha and Garry Lyon for all of their hard work in making the evening such a success.

-  An anniversary cake was symbolically cut by all of the former Commandants present.

-  Mr. Bob Dittmer was commended for his outstanding newsletter.

-  Mr. Duane Mercier was recognized for the excellent evening’s Programs he put together.

-  Mr. Pat Jackson, most well-renowned PR practitioner, was inducted into the D17NFOS

Hall of Fame and was the guest speaker. During his speech, Mr. Jackson recognized

DINFOS as a major contributor to public relations in the country. He singled out

several PR people from DINFOS and made special mention of Colonel Gary Werner

(USA-Ret) as one of the outstanding PR teachers in the U.S.A.

-  Adding to the evening’s entertainment were the tapes shown by Mr. Dick Cassin of past Christmas parties and Toilet Bowl games. Dick will bring these tapes to our next meeting.


The President mentioned that ballots for Executive Council members for the next year had been placed on each of the tables. Everyone was asked to fill in the ballots and return them to Ms. Stritt. Write-in names were requested for the Treasurer’s position.


Volunteers were requested to plan on getting DINFOS alumni who are currently employed in the local or national mass media communication field to attend our next meeting. Bob Dittmer and Rick Nelson volunteered to co-chair this committee.


Dr. Rubak further mentioned that the Indy Chapter’s finances are very low, and a letter has been prepared to Colonel Icenogle to try to get the funds back here that are being held at Ft. Meade (see attached). If we are to continue publishing newsletters, we will need more money.


He also asked if anyone knew of a sponsor to underwrite our Web-Page. The meeting adjourned at 1005.

Jack Rubak, President

Helen Stritt, Secretary



Report on 35tth Anniversary and Hall of Fame — June 1999:


The 35th Anniversary Celebration was a success with 70 persons in attendance. Former Commandants at the celebration were:

    -   Colonel John Christy, USA Ret
    -   Colonel Frank Meek, USAF Ret
    -   Colonel Robert Bentley, USA Ret
    -   Colonel Ed McDonald, USA Ret
    -   Colonel Ronald Grubb, USA Ret


John Christy and Ron Grubb received “Mover and Shaker Awards” — Cot Christy for moving the school from Ft. Slocum to Ft. Harrison and Cot Grubb for moving the school from Ft. Harrison to Ft. Meade.


Colonel Ed McDonald wowed the crowd as Master of Ceremonies.


Pat Jackson of renowned PR fame and former Chairman of the D[N7FOS Board of Visitors, was inducted into the 1999 Hall of Fame and was the guest speaker. During his speech he praised DI7NFOS for the role it has played in public affairs over the years.


Out-of-towners included Colonel Grubb from Maryland, BG John Carlson (a D17NFOS

Hall of Famer) from Massachusetts, Carol Miller from Mississippi, and retired SGM

Marvin and Yoi Sibulkin from California.


Dick Cassin brought videotapes of past Christmas parties and Toilet Bowls which brought laughs from those who viewed them.


Jeff Jones provided the background music.


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