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Welcome to the World Wide Web Home Page of the DINFOS Alumni Association. 

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   Printed by the Defense Information School, this magazine updated public affairs    workers worldwide during the 1970's.


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Blast from the past!  Visit the Armed Forces Vietnam Network page - hear and see actual Armed Forces Network broadcasts from the Vietnam War era.

DINFOS, the Department of Defense Information School, is the primary school for military print journalists, radio and television journalists, photo-journalists, graphic arts, and electronics. 

  About The Association 

The DINFOS Alumni Association was chartered in 1989 at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana and is comprised of current and former students and faculty of DINFOS and graduates of schools later incorporated into the curriculum. In 1995 the school was re-located to Ft. George G. Meade, Maryland.  Students are from all branches of the military service.

Graduates of the school go on to work in military Public Affairs Offices, Broadcast Stations, and Documentation Units wherever U.S. Forces are stationed.

Members of the DINFOS Alumni Association share a common, binding experience that remains with them long after leaving the school and military service.

Alumni Association members can find out the latest organization news in News.

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